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Transform Your Closet in 10 Easy Steps

by Girl CEO Blog Contributor |

Is your closet jammed packed?

Do you have over-the-door hooks to hang the overflow clothes that won't fit?

Do you spend way too much time trying to find your #OOTD?

Do you frequently hear yourself say, "I have nothing to wear" standing in front of a closet full of clothes?

Are you always running late to work, an appointment, or an event?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, keep reading. If you know of someone who would answer yes to any of the above questions, keep reading AND share this blog.

Did you know that the majority of Americans wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time? Of course, there are some women that rotate through their dream closet with grace and ease. But even the best fashionistas have their closet favorites and go for those items over and over and over again.

Having a cluttered closet and pulling from piles on the bed, the clean clothes hamper, or an ottoman is about more than aesthetics. It also affects our mental wellness. If it takes us too long to get dressed in the morning, we may get frustrated. Spending too much time making decisions most likely causes us to be late to work, an appointment, or an event which may cause anxiety of the repercussions. If you rush through the process of getting dressed to ensure you are not late to work, an appointment, or an event; you may not feel your absolute best which will affect the way you show up. You may not walk into the room with as much confidence and Black Girl Magic as you should. So many possibilities could be blocked by self-doubt.

With all of the things that we cannot control that threatens our peace of mind, why not change what is within our area of control. Our closets. Below are 10 items you can purge to begin a closet transformation with little to no angst or fear of letting go.

1) Remove any items that have a light coat of dust

2) Remove any items that have a broken zipper or a missing button

3) Remove any items that have a stain, a rip, or a hole of any size

4) Remove any items that are unflattering &/or ill-fitting

5) Remove any items that are two or more sizes bigger than your current size

6) Remove any items that are two or more sizes smaller than your current size

7) Remove any items from a former career (uniform, corporate career, etc)

8) Remove any t-shirts that you don't wear outdoors, to sleep, to clean, to lounge in

9) Remove all undergarments that are past their time and have been (or need to be) replaced GirlCEO Blog #3 - TLP

10) Remove any items that are not yours

Are you ready to go forth and be great? Before you do, I have a bonus tip for you. HANGERS DO MATTER! Wooden hangers are designed & best for a large boutique styled closet/dressing rooms. Free hangers from the dry cleaners are for temporary use ONLY! They lose their shape rapidly and are the enemy to maintaining the dream closet. If your clothes fall off the sides of your hangers, either wrap a rubber band around the ends OR dap a small drop of hot glue to add some grip.

Make sure to tell the GirlCEO staff how these tips have helped you by posting to IG using the #OrganizedGirlCEO hashtag. If you would like more tips, make sure you let the GirlCEO staff know that as well.

xo, Tanisha (Your Professional Organizer)


Written by Tanisha Lyons-Porter