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Write down exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and make it visible, it acts as a reminder and makes you accountable for your actions. Even the smallest behaviors take time to change, so you need to constantly remind yourself what you are trying to do (and the benefits of those choices!).

There are also the excuses — you’re too busy, the kids are sick, it’s a bad time at work, etc. Once you’ve set your goals, you’re putting them out there and making a plan to reach them despite all the excuses (whether they’re legitimate or not).


Challenge Tasks Checklist

  1. Create A Contract On A Big Construction Paper
  2. List the Tasks (on the front)
  3. List How You Will Rewarding Yourself (on the back)
  4. Set accomplishment date
  5. Sign The Contract
  6. Ask another person to sign the contract and be your witness (someone who can be your cheerleader!)
  7. Take picture with the front of the contact and Post It On Instagram
  8. Post your contract in an easily visible location (on your night table, taped to the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator).
  9. Review your contract when it expires and create new goals, revise what you have or continue with ones your have achieved
  10. Be Aware of the consequences (Reputation at stake, Money on the line)