The Purge Challenge + Course

The Purge Challenge + Course

Girl CEO Army

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What Are You Investing In?

  1. Entry to join  #ThePurgeChallenge and win $5000 (5 People Will Split $1000 each)
  2. Access to TEN Training Classes every Sunday at 8-10pm est (April 15 - June 17) that will help transform and upgrae our lives together 

Meeting Schedule?

  • Registered challengers will meet via private webinar room every Sunday at 8:00 PM -10:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Access Links Will Be Emailed To All Registered Challengers
  • Class Will Be Recorded and Available to Watch FOREVER


  1. April 22 - Orientation and Expectations
  2. April 29 - Purging The Lack of Commitment Class
  3. May 6 - Purging Toxic Thoughts Class
  4. May 13 - Purging Toxic Media Consumptions Class
  5. May 20 - Purging Unattractive Appearances
  6. May 27 - Purging Mismanagement Of Time Class
  7. June 3  - Purging Mismanagement Of  Finances Class
  8. June 10 - Purging Toxic Health Choices Class
  9. June 17 - Purging Toxic Relationships Class
  10. June 24 - Evaluation and Testimony Day  (End Of Challenge)
  • Winner Will Be Announced Live On Instagram June 24 at 8PM EST 
  • You Can Join In The Challenge AT ANY TIME!*

Challenge Tasks?

All invested members will document and complete  the following tasks :

  1. Sign and post a  #PurgeChallenge commitment contract to yourself 
  2. Purge and organize every square inch of your home, office, car and dwelling places (donate, sell or trash all unneeded clothes, accessories, shoes, appliances, electronics etc) 
  3. Purge and unfollow  all toxic people you follow on Instagram and delete/archive all toxic Instagram posts that do not add value to your followers' lives  
  4. Invest time in an upgrading your appearance (MAKEOVER- hair, skin, body, clothes etc) 
  5. Purge out all foods that don’t align with your respective weight goals (Fridge and pantry makeover)
  6. Attend a networking event, meet 1 person who will add value to your life and commit to trading value with that person

Challenge Prize?

  1. $5000 prize split between 5 people who have the best purge  testimony/case study/results
  2. Special Trophy and ring to the one with the best purge testimony/case study/results
  3. All challengers who complete all the requirements receive a certificate
  4. All challengers who complete all the requirements have access to members only jacket
  5. All challengers who complete all the requirements have access to members only necklace

Proof Of Completion Details:

  1. Picture/Video of your holding contract poster 
  2. Before and after Picture/Video of cleaned home, office, car and dwelling places 
  3. Screenshot before and after following count of unfollowed people on Instagram and deleted/archived posts on your Instagram page 
  4. Before and after Picture/Video of the makeover ( hair, skin, body, clothes etc) 
  5. Before and after Picture/Video of food in your  (kitchen, fridge, pantry, and cabinets) 
  6. Picture/Video proof of  you at a networking event and a picture with the new friend(s) you’ve committed to helping each other grow 

 Details on how to accomplish each task will be emailed and  discussed at our first meeting on Sunday, April 22nd 8:00 PM EST

  • All proofs must be posted on your respective Instagram pages for evaluation.
  • Winners will be chosen based on their overall  purge transformation
  • The winner will be chosen by the conductors of the challenge, GIRL CEO Founder @RonneBrown certified brand consultant @CEOMATTY
  • All proof must be posted and submitted by June 24th at 8 PM EST 

Challenge Benefits?

  1. Wisdom on how to purge negativity out of our lives
  2. Accountability
  3. New and refreshed life
  4. Clarity
  5. Networking  
  6. More time
  7. More revenue
  8. Better relationships
  9. Better surroundings
  10. Understood goals and purposes
  11. More energy
  12. More attractive

Challenge Rewards?

  1. $5000 prize split between 5 people who have the best purge  testimony/case study/results
  2. Special Trophy and ring  to the one with the best purge  testimony/case study/results
  3. All challengers who complete all the requirement receive a certificate
  4. All challengers who complete all the requirements have access to members only jacket
  5. All challengers who complete all the requirements have access to members only necklace


  1. Wasted time
  2. Wasted money
  3. None of the rewards
  4. Look bad to  families, friends and  followers you made a commitment to

Who Are We?

Girl CEO

What We represent?

We are an organization that represents women who understand the importance of planning, building and growing together as a community--not as individuals.


We recognized that too many women struggle with developing areas of our life like our

  1. Mindset
  2. Faith
  3. Family & Relationships
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Finances
  6. Appearance.  


Girl CEO has just organized the first ever  #PurgeChallenge 2018.

An educating, engaging, entertaining, empowering and exciting challenge to come together as a community to help remove the toxins that plague our MIND, BODY, and SPACE.

Why Is This Challenge Necessary?

We believe true growth and happiness only happens with excitement, unity, support, and teamwork. We noticed that a platform like this was non- existent, so we volunteered to establish a network where women can genuinely educate each other, share tools, share resources and have fun without all the nickeling and diming.

Who Will Lead The Challenge?


Why Are These Leaders Qualified?

Who Is This Challenge For?

Women looking for a challenge and a community that will motivate and assist their growth in faith, family & relationships, health&fitness, mental health, physical health and finances


What Will Members Learn?

  1. How to make and keep personal commitments without overwhelming ourselves
  2. How to defeat negative energy
  3. How to declutter and organize our environment
  4. How to organize & manage the media we consume
  5. How to upgrade our appearance
  6. How to organize our time and energy
  7. How to organize our personal finances
  8. How to organize and upgrade our health choices
  9. How to organize the people we associate  with and attract the right people + more

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What will the class syllabus be?  (Sequence of education)

  • Purging The Lack of Commitment
        1. Locked up in a mental prison
        2. Commit To Your Will
        3. Know What It Means To Make A Decision
        4. The Art Of Learning
        5. Integrity
        6. Be Consistent
        7. Embrace Fear, Avoid Doubt, Stress, and All Negativity!
        8. The Reality Board and  Vision Board Effect
        9. Kill And Replace Bad Habits
        10. Dig Deep Into Your Purpose & Why
  • Purging Toxic Thoughts
        1. “Stay busy”
        2. Blinded by money, arrogance
        3. Poisons & Cancerous Thoughts
        4. (Story) Cherokee elder and the two wolves
        5. The Power Of A Smile
        6. Perspective
        7. Think Positive Affirmations
        8. Learn To Relax Your Mind & Body
  • Purging Toxic Environments
        1. Clutters Are Walls
        2. Liberated & Clean
  • Purging Toxic Media Consumptions
        1. Social Media FEED
        2. Power of music and movies
        3. Physical Food & Mental Food
        4. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • Purging Toxic Relationships
        1. Associations Make Or Break You
        2. Realize What True Friendship Is
        3. The 5 Stages Of All Relationships
  • Purging Mismanagement Of Time
        1. Return on my investment
        2. The 4 Types Of Energies
        3. The Top 30 Biggest Distractions That Kill Our Time
        4. The Power Of Your Calendar
  • Purging Mismanagement Of Finances
        1. The 3 Major Economic Systems
        2. The 3 Questions To Personify Money
        3. The 3 Purposes Of Money
        4. Purpose of a Job
        5. The 5 Secret Obstacles Blocking Wealth
        6. The 5 Levels To Wealth
        7. The 12 Spiral Effects Of Being In Debt
        8. Understanding The 7 Types Of Income
        9. The Killer Truth About Credit Cards, Reports and Scores
        10. Fighting The Urge Of Wanting More & More
        11. The True Cost Of Cars
        12. The True Cost Of Moving Into New Apt
        13. The True Cost Of Your TV, Radio & Cable & Netflix Media
  • Purging Toxic Health Choices
        1. Physical Health
        2. Heal Yourself
  • Purging Toxic Hygiene and  Appearance Class
      1. Dress code
      2. Dress how you want to be addressed
      3. Thrift Shopping - Looking Good For Cheap


    (2) Homework: What homework will the members receive?

    After every scheduled class there will be homework/to-do list assigned to all challengers   


    (3)  Evaluation: What testing methods will be used to measure members learning

    Every Friday afternoon at 12:00 pm a quiz/test will be given in the previous class.   



    What ways will support be given to members that need assistance?

    All challenge members will receive support via:

    1. Q&A sessions after every class
    2. Public Instagram page
    3. Private Facebook page
    4. FAQ section on the website
    5. Email support
    6. Option to book a 1 on 1 consulting for further help.

    What platform will be used for updates, networking, and member engagement?

    1. Private Facebook
    2. Private Webinar Link
    3. Private Website
    4. Email Notifications