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3 Ways to Fix Wardrobe Malfunctions

by Girl CEO Blog Contributor |

I’m sure we all remember where we were the first time we witnessed what would be defined as a “wardrobe malfunction”. I was attending a Super Bowl Party in college and vividly remember seeing Justin and Janet (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty) closing out their last number for the night when the unthinkable happened! Did millions of people around the world just see Miss Jackson exposed?!?

Now, I highly doubt that any of us have experienced something as traumatic, whether it was planned or not. Wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen. It happened to me in the office a few weeks ago, when I was pushing down too hard on one of my heels and it snapped! Imagine the horror! I didn’t panic though. So, what did I do?

Keep reading to find out how I survived this, and how you can make it through other unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions without breaking a sweat.

  • Broken heel
  • I’ve actually been in this position twice...I applied too much pressure on my heel while sitting at my desk (working hard of course) and suddenly, I hear a snap! Ironically, both times for me it was the same brand of shoes. So, what saved me? I always have a back-up pair of shoes with me, under my desk and in the trunk of my car. They are usually a neutral-colored flat or low-heeled shoe that can pretty much go with anything. A neutral color is key, for you never know what outfit you’ll be wearing when the back-up shoes will be called into duty. What’s the next thing I did? Seriously reconsidered buying that particular brand of shoes again!

  • Ripped pants
  • This wardrobe malfunction has also happened to me too, but luckily, I was at home. For others who aren’t as lucky, and are out in public when the unfortunate pant ripping episode occurs, what should you do? I always find that having an extra-long boyfriend sweater, large scarf or even a cardigan can help in this instance. Again, these are items that I keep on the back of my chair at work and in the trunk of my car. Throwing a long boyfriend sweater or scarf around your waist is a great disguise. Again, neutral colors are key.

  • Ripped skirt split
  • Another wardrobe malfunction that I am all too familiar with (I’m 3 for 3!)...pencil skirt splits that split way further than they were intended too. Have you ever seen a woman with a split that you can literally see the part of her where the sun doesn’t shine? I always want to help them. Perhaps they don’t know or feel the draft! The best way to fix this issue is to twist the skirt to the side to make a side split, which is a bit more appealing. You could even revert to the second tip and use a long cardigan or scarf to disguise the unintentional split.

    These malfunctions shouldn’t be complete outfit killers. There are practical ways to work around them and still look well put together. The key is to remain calm, think outside of the box and always have back-ups.


    Written by Shannon Booker