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How To Keep Good Records

by Girl CEO Blog Contributor |

If you grew up in the 90's then you know all of what the picture of the cassette tape means. It means turning on your favorite radio station on your boombox or stereo and waiting for your favorite song to come on! You literally wait all day to possibly hear this one song! We had our two fingers ready to push, yes I said push record and play at the same time to make your own playlist. Now in the process you can possibly miss part of the song if your fingers don't line up and hit the buttons at the same time; it's a tragic feeling just trust me on that. Then if you decide to listen to your tape of songs and forget to stop the tape in the right spot you can and we all did it. We recorded over or in the middle of a song. You've officially ruined your whole playlist and now you're searching for not one song but two!

Times have changed so much since then. From cassette tapes to CD's to streaming, from VHS to DVD's to streaming, you literally have everything in the palm of your hand. Your music, your phone, your emails, your bills, your pictures literally everything! Do you see it? No matter how it's done keeping a record of what's important to you is necessary. God knew it was necessary for us to have a record of all of the accounts that are recorded in the bible. We should refer to it when we're looking for answers when we don't understand when we can't figure out what to do in a situation. It has instructions for us to deal with life.

Today you don't have to push a button to record music nor do you have to carry a bible in your hand to read it. You have the option to record notes in your phone, push a button to hear music, and you can even read a book. What am I saying? Keeping good records will determine how well your business will run, make sure our bills are paid on time, ensure ideas are never forgotten, and will always be a sweet reminder of how far you've come. Although I have the memories of waiting for my favorite song to come on I don't have wait now at the click of a button I can go listen to it. Keeping a record of how things have changed makes me appreciate the new all the more.

Ways and/or reasons to keep good records:

  • Write it down! - It cost you nothing to write down an idea, how much you spent on an outing, or for a ladies night out
  • Know what you need to record- what matters is what you need to record

You won't remember to record it

Helps you maximize all of your intentions and ideas

P.S. You never get the needle in the exact spot you ended the song on a record player- but you can if you push pause on the boombox! Take a moment each day and pause!


You're God's favorite,

Talk Soon Girl CEO's


Written by Tiffany Miller