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How to Lose your feelings of Entitlement

by Girl CEO Blog Contributor |

Let's start with this quote I wrote a year ago- "God is willing to give you everything, he owes you nothing." So often we believe because we worship, serve, pray, and do good we deserve everything good and only good. The truth- we were not promised hard times wouldn't come, tears would not be apart of our lives, nor that some days won't hurt more than others. We were promised that God would be there with us through them all. Often we can feel entitled to things we don't work for or things we "FEEL" like we deserve. We're not entitled to anything! The feeling of entitlement can make you lose focus on your goals, your standards, your requirements, and even your life. Entitlement is rooted seeking self-assurance from others we can't give yourself. Social media has us watching, wondering, and trying to figure out exactly how someone has made it. I'll tell you how- they knew they weren't entitled so they worked for it. Take me, for example, do I have any more right than you to be writing this blog on a platform someone worked hard to create? NOPE! But I put in the work. Am I entitled or was I positioned?

In 1 Samuel Chapter 10, the people chose Saul as their king. Not because he was the right person for the job and certainly not because God said pick him. They chose him because he had the "look" of what the people wanted and desired in a King. We often look on the outside and don't listen to God when making decisions so we end up with what we "FEEL" we're entitled to have not God's best. Entitlement can keep you from your full potential because you want what you think you have the right to. Unfortunately, we've been trained that we're entitled because we're an American or a single parent, or we go to church every Sunday, or you're a senior citizen, or a member or veteran of the army, or maybe even your race may determine some of your entitlements. No, I'm not saying these entitlements are bad, they can, however, feed over into you believing other entitlements belong to you as well.

Here's what you need to know: you're entitled to eat if you work-that's scripture, you're entitled to all of God's promises, you're entitled to feel how you how you feel but you must remember feelings come and go; so don't trust them. To often we're controlled by our feelings- feelings make you "FEEL" entitled. You always hear people say "do the work" that goes for every area of your life. You don't have to be an entrepreneur to do the work. Do the work of a friend! Good friendships require work at times. Do the work as a parent-parents Y'all know it's work with kids. DO THE WORk! Your entitlement will come once the work is DONE!

A few tips to remember if entitlement starts creeping in:

Promote others- this is an amazing way to help you feel positive (for 30 days you can promote someone else once a day -doesn't have to be the same person every day)

Try to catch yourself if say things like "it's ok for me to take more than I give" - rehearse more positive phrases like (it's better to give than to receive)

See things from others perspective- (your way is not the only way)

You're God's favorite,

Talk Soon Girl CEO's


Written by Tiffany Miller