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How to Stay Motivated when you Face Opposition

by Girl CEO Blog Contributor |

What happens when you step out on faith to start a dream…

You’re so excited to get started.

You start doing the research and making the business plan

You meet up with your friend to tell her the exciting news..

& then she looks at you and says…

“Hmmm.. I couldn’t really see you doing that, you really think you could pull that off?”

What happens when you tell your family that you’re quitting your 9-5 to pursue your dream...

And they look at you & say...

“People make a job out of anything these days... It’s too risky; maybe you should just stick to a regular job”

What happens when you finally write and publish the book, and then a complete stranger leaves a negative review for the world to see...

It doesn’t matter how tough you are…

When someone can’t see your potential, it hurts.

When someone trolls on something you’ve worked so hard on, it stings.

But, how do you move past the negative opinions of others?

Should you just leave it alone?

Or, should you take it as constructive feedback?

What if I told you that the rejection of others is really the forming of your future self?

What if I told you that opposition could make you even more committed?

You see... there are 3 KEY concepts to keep in mind when you lack others’ support.

1 God LOVES the Underdog.

He LOVES to exalt the overlooked.  

So many times in The Bible, we see where God took the most unlikely people and made them into the greatest leaders of nations.

& He wants to do the same for you.

Just because you may not “look” like everyone else...

Just because you may not have the same education as everyone else....

Just because you’re not a “Type A” personality type doesn’t mean that you have to settle for average.

In fact, if your dreams are bigger than you, that’s a great place to start!

Where we are weak… where we fall short… is where He steps in to help us!

& His help is the best coaching and resources we could ever ask for.

So don’t worry if you feel overlooked or if you don’t have the following now.

Stay faithful.

Be consistent.

& watch what He will do for you and through you.

2 Your Character has to Match your Calling.

Now, trolls will be trolls.

Haters will do what they were sent to do.

But, sometimes, you also have to look within.

Do I have character flaws that are hindering me from moving forward in my dreams?

Do I have a bad attitude? Am I difficult to deal with?

Sometimes, people just want to keep you in a box.

But sometimes, you keep yourself in a box with your attitude.

You have to work on your character just as much as you do your dreams.

You may be able to write like Maya Angelou, but are you approachable?

Are you teaching others how to pursue their dreams on social media, but in real life you tear others apart in your conversations?

People want to see the AUTHENTIC you.

They want to know that you ARE what you preach.

So just like you set goals for your business, set some goals for your character.

Just like you make it a priority to post on social media, make it a priority to encourage others in real life.

People will always feed off of your energy.

3 The Opposition of Others now.. Prepares you for the Opposition Ahead.

The bigger the calling, the bigger the problems.

If you can’t handle momma’s criticism, how are you going to handle internet trolls?

If you stop working when one person says something negative about your business, how are you going to handle the people who literally builds a platform on tearing you down?

If your work ethic is determined by someone else’s congratulations, then you will always crumble at their opposition.

Instead, find your WHY and allow your WHY to motivate you.

People are always going to have something to say, and no matter how successful you become, there is ALWAYS going to be someone who doesn’t like it.

Take the criticism as preparation.

Allow it to increase your pain tolerance.

You were BUILT for THIS!

So now that we understand these principles, let’s work on the practical.

Here are 4 practical steps on making power moves when you face opposition from others.

1 Make sure YOU have CLARITY on your goals.

I’m just gonna keep it real…

If you don’t understand the dream for yourself, then no one else will understand it for you.

Be sure you can articulate your message and dream clearly.

If I were to walk up to you and ask, what is your business about, would be able to answer the question off top? Or would you stumble because you don’t really know for yourself?

Don’t ever feel pressured to prove yourself to people, but you should always be able to clearly explain your missions, values, and goals.

If you can’t explain it, they won’t understand it.  

2 Create a Space to Receive Constructive Feedback.

Sometimes, people just want to hate.

But, sometimes, people just want to help.

You have to have at least one person around that can speak the truth without  you being offended.

You have to have at least one person  in your life that will encourage you but also hold you accountable.

It’s always good to have an AMEN corner, but it’s more productive to have someone who can tell you NO, even when you don’t want to hear it.

The key to determining the difference in trolling and constructive feedback is MOTIVE.

What is the motive behind what they’re saying?

Does this person genuinely want the best for you?

Have they always supported you?

Do they know what they’re talking about?

If the answer to that is YES, then they’re probably just be trying to help.

Just be wary of those who always have something negative to say but don’t support you when the time comes.

3 Be Honorable Regardless of their Actions.

Show respect regardless if you get it in return.

KARMA is real.

Don’t get caught up in these internet battles.

Don’t get caught up in the drama.

Always respond with class.

They may not have anything to lose, but you do.

Let’s say that someone comes trolling on your page or they make a negative post about you, and then you respond and go off.

Your current &  future customers are watching you.

They could be turned away solely off of the way you respond to someone else.

So, show grace. Be peaceful. And it WILL be brought back to you.

4 Always Keep the Promise and Dream in Front of you.

Always have something to refer back to when you get discouraged.

It can be hard to receive negative feedback especially from people you care about.

It’s hard to get trolled on the internet when they have no idea what you face on a daily basis.

& WHEN those times come (notice I said WHEN, not if)

WHEN those times come, always have something to refer back to.

For me, that’s my Bible and my journal.

I try to journal almost everyday.

I write down confirmations and affirmations.

& when I become discouraged, I look back at how far I’ve come.

When I question whether or not I am capable of doing something, I look back at times when my dreams were already confirmed to happen.

Always have something that CENTERS you.


& they hurt other people based on their own brokenness.

Your confidence can’t lie in their hands.

It’s OK to trust people.

You can’t live life always on the defense.

It’s okay to trust a few with your dreams and even maybe your heart.

But always keep in perspective where your true identity lies!

You got this!

Until next time!


Written by Melanie Williams